Cutie Cupcakes | New York

Elegant Customized Creations

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Aprille Olson


Created and run by Eugene, Oregon native Aprille Olson, Cutie Cupcakes has been built off of pure passion and the love for baking and creating. The constant request for more of these goodies has fueled this into more than simply a hobby.

Ms. Olson has been creating in the kitchen since age 10 when she first learned the true ingredients to being a great baker. Growing up in Eugene, Oregon Aprille has found that baking is the best way to express herself and show her true colors.

In high school she donated a variety of baked goods for fundraisers and bake sales and quickly became known for her original and artistic talent in the kitchen.

Now located in Long Island, New York, Cutie Cupcakes is providing the most elegant unique cupcakes around.

There is no cupcake that can match the customization and creativity that these sweet treats express!



Cutie Cupcakes

Head Baker: Aprille Olson

Phone: 516.521.3778